People & Parts: Where We Get Stuck

As we considered in the last post of this series, we have vulnerable and protective parts of us that can play different roles in relational dynamics and relational conflict we get stuck in. This is a space where parts-work is not only incredibly helpful for us to navigate internal conflict, but also external conflict! If… Continue reading People & Parts: Where We Get Stuck

People & Parts: The Pieces at Play

Author’s Note: While this post often refers to romantic relationships, it is applicable to any kind of platonic or familial relationship as well.  Ever notice that it’s often in relationships that we can get frustrated with how we aren’t able to live out the spiritual disciplines we long to embody? The recipe of one broken… Continue reading People & Parts: The Pieces at Play

Polyvagal Theory I

Do you know the feeling of thinking you’ve just grown in self awareness or your faith, and then something happens and you react the same way you used to? As if you hadn’t read all those books, gone to those counseling sessions, or prayed and memorized verses to ground and encourage you? That’s been the… Continue reading Polyvagal Theory I