People & Parts: The Pieces at Play

Author’s Note: While this post often refers to romantic relationships, it is applicable to any kind of platonic or familial relationship as well.  Ever notice that it’s often in relationships that we can get frustrated with how we aren’t able to live out the spiritual disciplines we long to embody? The recipe of one broken… Continue reading People & Parts: The Pieces at Play

What do we do with self-compassion?

We live in a time when self-help, self-compassion, and self-care are embraced and encouraged in many Christian spaces – whether it’s defended in a podcast, suggested in a Christian therapy office, or championed between friends in small group together – the previous hesitancy to adopt self-focused compassion and care by Christians is quickly fading. Rather… Continue reading What do we do with self-compassion?

Perspective I: Hermeneutics of Translation

I didn’t know what the word hermeneutic meant until I was in my late twenties. I started to hear the word thrown around in my graduate coursework with ancient languages, and gathered that it had something to do with interpretation. I had nerd-ed my way into a small group of students that wanted to pursue… Continue reading Perspective I: Hermeneutics of Translation

Translation II: From the Depths of Our Souls

There are many ways we could try to explore the depths of us that require some sort of translation process — the process of trying to connect with felt experiences that go beyond words (See Translation I for what I mean by “translation”). Some of my favorite access points include… (1) there’s the way of… Continue reading Translation II: From the Depths of Our Souls

Episode 1: What’s Grounding Mist & What’s Polyvagal Theory?

In this first episode, learn about what I’ll be exploring here at Grounding Mist and get a general introduction to Polyvagal Theory. Check out the graphic below to give you a visual for the three “states” we talk about in the second half of the episode. Thanks for listening in!

Polyvagal Theory III

This is the last of three introductory posts that talk about what Polyvagal Theory is. For a head-knowledge overview, see Polyvagal Theory I. For a little more of a heart-perspective with personal examples, see Polyvagal Theory II. With a fuller picture of Polyvagal Theory from these first three posts, we’ll start to explore ways we… Continue reading Polyvagal Theory III

Polyvagal Theory II

Do you ever long for your heart to feel more grounded and safe in different relationships and circumstances? Wanting to find constructive ways to self protect rather than having your heart shut down or drive you to run away without consulting the rest of you? What we feel matters, and it certainly impacts how we… Continue reading Polyvagal Theory II