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Free Integrative Advent Journey: Anchor in Advent

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This resource is a very intentionally different kind of Advent journey. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel of a regular Advent devotion, my hope was to create a space where you can engage with all parts of your embodied being in the Advent season — an invitation to all the depths of your soul to be present and anchor in Advent. All too often, we only bring the most spiritual parts of us to devotions or Sunday morning services, and for good reason. There are plenty of shame messages that swarm around in our faith communities, explicitly or implicitly telling us to hide parts of us that are unwelcome. But, God didn’t come in human form just to be with the most shiny or spiritual parts of us. Christ shared intimate meals and moments with the most marginalized and judged people in society. God longs to be ‘God with us’ with all of us. So, these pages are to help you connect with all the facets of your soul, in order to connect those facets of your soul with God’s care — to experience the wonder and awe of God with us in a deeply embodied and holistic way this Advent.

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Free Guided Meditations

All of the meditations below are available for free on Insight Timer. *Please note, there is a “plus” version of Insight Timer that the app might prompt you to try out for a free trial period. Neither the trial nor paying for “plus” is required to access any of the meditations below, they are all completely free, always!!

Morning Meditations Playlist

Slow Down & Check In Series Playlist

Psalm Prayers Playlist

The Psalms are an incredible gift, a sacred part of our faith tradition that hold space for painful cries of hopelessness and despair alongside cries that praise God and hope in His mercy. Find a comfy spot to connect with and tend to the depths of your soul.

State of the Soul Playlist

This two-part series helps us answer the question, what is the state of my soul? This question rarely has a simple answer. Parts-work helps us identify the different facets of our soul to understand the complexity of what might be stirring inside.

Walking Meditations Playlist

These meditations are designed to take with you on a walk outside! Each track incorporates parts work and spiritual formation. For best use, plan extra walking time to continue processing.

Therapeutic Scripture Meditation & Prayer Playlist

Each track includes guided breathing, followed by a contemplative Scripture reading and prayer. These meditations incorporate parts-work to help you connect with God and the depths of your soul.

Foundation Series Playlist

This playlist includes a four-part series of guided mindfulness. Each track helps us put together the pieces of a strong foundation for integrating spiritual formation and parts-work.

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PDF Resources

The PDFs below are can help you identify what is going on inside of you along with having options for how to regulate any distress or shut down you may be experiencing. The first PDF offers categories to explore what you are feeling inside, and how these things might relate to protective or vulnerable parts of self. The second PDF has a list of feelings, especially uncomfortable ones we don’t often like to feel or sit with. This PDF can be used alongside the grounding exercises on the third PDF, to acknowledge and name the specific discomfort or vulnerable emotion experienced when there’s a desire or need for grounding.